Q.    Why should I visit a local business that has a profile on MDDCVADeals.Com ?


A.    MDDCVA Deals and our local business network believes in the motto:  'Buy Local' ... 'Save Local'.  We are all 100% committed to providing an exceptional customer service experience at a solid value.  


Q.    Are there any rules when I use my MDDCVA Deal Card at the local business ?


A.    These are the following conditions:

· Valid only for the Cardholder.

· Offers can vary. (check-in often)

· Equal or Lesser value always applies.

· Only at Participating Locations.

· Not valid with other coupons, specials, sales, deals or discounts.

· MUST Present or Mention Card. (cardholder responsibility)


Q.    When I use a MDDCVA Deal Card at a restaurant how do I determine the tip?


A.    We suggest that you tip from what the entire bill was originally before the deal/offer.


Q.    How long is a MDDCVA Deal Card valid for?


A.    The actual MDDCVA Deal Card will never expire.


Q.    How long does a deal or offer last with a local business?


A.     It varies from local business to local business.  For this reason we encourage you bookmark this site and check-in with us often.


Q.    Can I recommend a local business to be part of MDDCVA Deals ?


A.    Please do!!  We are here to be a fun and interactive community.  We encourage all types of feedback for a better more vibrant experience for everyone. 


Q.    Do you offer fundraising?


A.    Yes!  We are committed in helping the local non-profit community.  E-mail us for more details on what we have done, what we do, what we want to do or how you can get involved.


Q.    Do you have career openings with MDDCVA Deals?


 A.    Should you be interested in a great opportunity, have the right attitude coupled with experience and skills then e-mail us.  We will review your resume and call you to schedule a one on one interview. 


Q.    What do I do if I ever have questions not asked here ?


 A.    Should you ever have questions please feel free to call or e-mail us and we will be more than happy to answer all of your questions.