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CASS stands for Clear Answers Smart Solutions, and that is exactly what we can provide in helping you meet your fitness goals. Our trainers are local fitness gurus who will personally come to your home, apartment or condo complex gym, business, or even the local park to get you into shape! We travel with our own equipment, including weights, resistance bands, battle ropes, stability balls, mats, sliders, medicine balls, and more.

We personalize your training regimen based on your schedule, goals, and anticipated level of activity. We specialize in weight loss, beginner to intermediate strength training, corrective exercise, endurance training, football training, and more. While we specialize in one on one personal training, we are not limited to that, as we do train couples, small groups, and teach large groups as well. Our clients see sustainable, long term results. We are not a 30 day challenge program. We teach lifestyle changes that KEEP you feeling better than ever year after year!


“Enitan is an outstanding trainer and I would highly recommend him to anyone, no matter what training level you are at. He is extremely knowledgeable about many different kinds of training methods and workout routines and always arranges a diverse workout. In addition, his constant and addictive optimism and upbeat personality make sessions with him very enjoyable. He is super easy to communicate with and is able to meet me at the gym in my building.”

— Owen C., Washington, DC

“The support that Matt Bible has provided for me over the past year has helped me reach seemingly impossible goals. I’m currently down 59 lbs since we started in October 2016 and I have no doubt, with his continued support, my ultimate goal will not only be achieved but maintained. Matt is always professional, always punctual, always enthusiastic, always patient, always reasonable with goal setting and always jumps at every opportunity to cheer you on. I emphasize “always” because all of the above is what Matt brings to the table during each training session. He personally practices what he preaches and it’s obvious that he sincerely enjoys helping others better themselves. He understands the struggle. That’s exactly what you want in a coach on a challenging journey. Take Matt on your personal journey! You won’t regret it, I promise.”

— Kari J. - Gaithersburg, MD

“I have worked with Matt for over a year. Not only have I seen a drop in my body fat percentage, but I have gone from trying to catch my breath just going up a couple flights of stairs to running up and down stairs at full speed and going straight into cardio moves such as the Plank Jack with energy to make it through a whole hour of working out. His cardio routines are exhausting, yet they are exciting and also focus on full body strength. In addition, I enjoy his circuit style strength training sessions that emphasize all muscle groups. Although Matt’s workouts are tough and he pushes me to my limit, he does a great job of knowing physical limits for my safety, and he is a lot of fun to be around!”

— Hattan Alsh - Assistant Director for Political Affairs, Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

“Matt was fantastic! I got my boyfriend three sessions as a birthday gift and Matt was so great that he bought another 25 sessions with him. I highly recommend Cass Fitness!”

— Sheri S. - Rockville, MD

“I went through the process of reaching out to 6 different personal trainers, and ultimately selected Cass Fitness because of their responsiveness, value, the fact that they come to my building’s gym, and how much I enjoyed my first session. I’m only two workouts into my relationship with Cass Fitness, but I would highly recommend them so far.”

— Chris L., Washington, DC

“Matt was a great trainer! I’ve always had difficulty staying motivated in my workouts, but with his help was able to get into the swing of things and pack on 5 lbs of lean muscle in a matter of months. I would definitely recommend him!”

— Branden D., Gaithersburg, MD

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Weight Loss Testimonial Video by Andy V.

This is a video testimonial for Matt Bible's work done by Andy V. of McLean, VA. Andy has been a client of Matt's for two years, both as a one on one client and currently as an online personal training client. Andy has lost over 50 lbs, dropped 10% body fat, gained muscle and self confidence! He did 8 strict form pull-ups at his last assessment! Also playing a big role is our certified nutritionists, Carmen Griggs and Isaac Spence. They created a meal plan for Andy. Andy has followed his fitness and nutrition plans very well and the results show. Let's congratulate Andy on his success and we look forward to working with him in the next step in his fitness journey!

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Learn more about our nutrition services here:

Tricep Push-Up (Diamond Push-Up) Video with Deonte Toliver

Triceps Push-Ups (also known as Close Grip Push-Ups or Diamond Push-Ups) are a great exercise to help you strengthen your triceps, shoulders, and chest. They place emphasis on the triceps, and they are one of the key exercises we use to strengthen your triceps. Triceps Push-Ups are a little more advanced than the regular Push-Up. Start in a prone position (face down). Your arms will remain close to your body. Make a diamond shape with your hands underneath your chest, (This will help take the pressure off of your wrists.). Lower yourself until your chest hits the ground. Make sure you are in a plank position, keeping your body straight. Do not let your lower back sag or your hips stick out in the air. Then, push up to your starting position to complete the repetition, exhaling on your way up as well. Repeat for the prescribed amount of reps. Also, do not let your arms flare out to the side. Keep your arms close to your body to keep the emphasis on your triceps.

Jokingly, we also call these the "Jay-Z" Push-Ups or the Diamond Cutter (DDP) Push-Ups as the diamond looks very similar to their symbols.

Standing Cable Row with a 3 Second Hold

The Standing Cable Row is an excellent exercise to help strengthen your rhomboids, lats, lower traps, and rear deltoids. This exercise is one of the best exercises to help you improve your posture. The stronger these muscles are, the more it helps to combat forward head posture and rounded shoulders. We like the 3 second Hold, because it places a lot of great tension on the muscles that need to be worked without relying on momentum from other muscle groups. You can also do this exercise with resistance bands, or on any number of seated row options.

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3 one hour personal training sessions for $120 (43%) off the regular price

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