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Computer Repair Service and Onsite IT Support for Home and Business Hate your computer? Call us and we can help you love it again! DON’T WAIT!! Sadly, we often see users that have one or two small issues and decide they can live with it for now. Then one day, it all starts getting worse. Waiting can turn a small job into a much bigger job with risk of data loss or more. Also, what may seem like a small issue to you may actually be a much bigger problem. Have you experienced any of these problems? D & M Consulting Computer Repair Computer is slow Viruses Slow boot Slow Internet Lost files on your desktop PC due to power outage Wireless Internet problems Tired of fighting with your Internet Provider Tired of battling with your computer Welcome to D and M Consulting. We can help. We can take care of those computer headaches. Stop wasting time fighting with your computer! If you’d like, we can establish a remote connection first to see if it’s something that can easily be taken care of. Otherwise, we can work on your system right at your home or office. Our Germantown office has been providing the Mid-Atlantic area onsite IT Support for over a decade. Our expert technicians provide service around the clock. We are always ready to serve you. With us, you do not have to take your computer to a depot and wait weeks to get your computer back. We will repair your PC and networks onsite at your location. Our Services which are available in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas. In particular, we serve Germantown, Gaithersburg, Darnestown, Derwood, Rockville, Potomac, Frederick, Silver Spring, Northern Virginia, Baltimore, Montgomery County (upper and lower), DC and Frederick County. Just give us a call. Remote office support – If you have remote offices in the Mid-Atlantic, we can be your onsite eyes and ears. Instead of sending out one of your techs, we can go onsite and do the work which cannot be done remotely. Get your Onsite computer check today. Problems are easier to fix when they are small. We can perform the following: Computer checkups to reduce downtime. Computer checkups protect your computer system and personal data from viruses and malware by making sure your antivirus is operating and up to date. Periodic maintenance of your computer systems including dusting out the computer. The dust builds up in the heatsink and the motherboard runs hotter than it should. Performing this maintenance can double the life of your computer. Setup your software. Don’t struggle with all those custom configurations of your application software. We can set it up for you. Setup a backup of your computer to protect the valuable data in your computer. Don’t risk losing your accounting files, customer lists, pictures and what other data that you treasure. It isn’t if your hard drive will crash but when. Protect your data with data backups. Cure slow computers. Slow computers can be caused by toolbars and software that sneaks in unknown to you. By removing these software programs, your computer will operate properly. Emergency Services. Evenings and Weekends. Free yourself to focus on your business. Impartial Advice – We are not a computer store.


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