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Are you completely frustrated with the way you look and feel? Are you looking into the mirror, not fitting into clothes and simply feeling fed up? At FITology located in Bethesda, MD, our expert Certified Personal Trainers can help you change both your body and your life using scientifically proven methodologies and regimens that have been tried and tested. We have helped thousands of people just like you to lose fat, tone up, or gain some muscle. After scheduling your fitness consultation with one of our personal trainers, we will customize your exercise regimen and meal plan that works for you!


“It always struggled with my weight. I never liked my body or how I look in the mirror. I started working with FITology and Nick and Aaron changed my life around” – Emily

— Anonymous

“Being a Mom of 3 kids never helped me in the weight loss department. I kept gaining more and more with each kid. Nick showed me that even middle-aged Moms can look fit and healthy too!” – Maggie

— Anonymous

“I used to be a D1 athlete but gained 50 pounds from working around the clock and feeling so stressed. I felt hopeless. Nick not only helped me lose all the weight I gained, but he got me int he best shape of my life!” – Angela

— Anonymous

“I was always strong and knew my way around the gym, but I was tired not looking the part. Nick made my bodyfat % greview1-compressoro down from 25% to 8%. VERY happy.” – Victor

— Anonymous

“Thanks FITology for making me feel beautiful and confident about my body! I highly recommend this place to anyone battling with weight issues.” – McKenzie

— Anonymous

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