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"Perfect posture means perfect health!" "My story is quite simple. I created The IPATH® Method from ideas of yoga and pilates. It was during a traditional pilates class that I found it fascinating how participants couldn't keep their heads up during some of the positions in the class. The same folks, who found it difficult to sustain the weight of their head, were the same ones who had bad posture when they walked out the door. I though it odd and curiously began to understand and unlock the secret of balancing the head with the weakness of the spinal column. After years of yoga therapy study, I understood how to help bring awareness to strengthening the spine. It's quite ironic how we think about strengthening muscles, and bones, but we somehow forget about the most important part of our body "the spine"--until we have aches and pains. Our spine is the most important part of our bodies. It is where nerve ending are stored, core functionality is created and holistic vitality begins. The IPATH® Method isn't a quick fix or a bandage effect. Though, it is a way to empower those interested in creating a strong spine and a pain free life- The IPATH® way! Book an assessment with me and I'll happily show you how you too can redesign a youthful spine."


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