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Evacuation Solutions Our company was founded to save lives and become the leader in multi-story rescue and evacuation solutions. We provide safe and affordable self-rescue systems anyone can operate to save their own life and the lives of others. SkySaverâ„¢ is a portable escape device you can easily store in your home or office. It is lightweight, self-contained, easy to use, and carries up to 300 pounds. Need for Innovative Technology Corporate and residential multi-story buildings are steadily rising and expected to increase up to 1 billion in the near future. Emergency exits and escape routes in these buildings are outdated. According to the NFPA, there were 1.3 million fires and more than 20,000 wounded or killed in these fires during 2012 in the U.S. alone. Globally, this number reaches approximately 500,000 a year. We combined top professionals from the Israeli Army with rescue and emergency readiness fields, and cooperated with safety organizations from around the world, to create and develop SkySaverâ„¢. It is the most advanced evacuation device in the world. Our ultimate personal rescue device is for anyone who lives, works, or visits multi-story buildings and needs to safely escape a fire or other disaster. SkySaverâ„¢ is easy to use and requires no prior training. In the event of an emergency, simply strap on the backpack, attach the fire-resistant cable to a secure anchor point, exit the nearest window, and then the device slowly and automatically lowers you to safety. How to Save a Life: 1. Put on Backpack 2. Attach Hook 3. Edge Out the Window 4. Repel Quickly 5. Do Not Panic!


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