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711 East Gude Drive, Rockville, MD, 20850

Phone: (240) 421-1115

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Handcrafted Maryland's Bourbon whiskeys, Rums and Vodkas. We believe from the farm to the glass; all our grains come from local farmers. We produce and bottle all whiskey and handcrafted in the distillery. Must be 21 years or older to see this page. Come by and visit us to learn more about the distillation process and taste some of our liquors made on site here in Montgomery County. We also offer private classes on the production and distillation of alcohol and opening and operating a micro distillery. If you have any question be free to call us or email us. Why us? In two words...MARYLAND AUTHENTIC. We are truly YOUR local distillery. Founder Edgardo Zuniga, after living in Montgomery County for over 10 years felt “compelled “ to keep the business in his local area. Using the culinary "farm to table" concept Twin Valley Distillers partners with local businesses and farmers in sourcing all grain and raw products within a 50 mile radius. Grains are recycled back to local farms for animal feed. The master distiller employs his "chef palate" to achieve pristine premium liquors. Them each bottle is carefully filled and labelled by hand. Our mission is to restore Maryland's liquor making legacy one bottle at a time. To date, we have produced the first bourbon to be made from start to finish in Maryland. If high quality, fine taste and exclusive spirits is what you seek, then we have the answer in our products!! WE HOPE YOU ENJOY OUR SPIRITS AS MUCH AS WE ENJOY MAKING THEM!


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DISTILLERY VISIT: Twin Valley Distillers! E-man Booze!

Explore artisan rums and vodka from Maryland's newest craft distillery, Twin Valley Distillers! Owner Edgardo Zuniga discusses his fine spirits in this brief video! High quality spirits at their finest!

Twin Valley Distillers - Bourbon Whiskey REVIEW! E-man Booze!

Learn how Twin Valley Distillers might just be the first distillery to produce bourbon whiskey in the great state of Maryland! Wonderful fruitiness is displayed from a mash bill consisting of local Maryland corn, barley and rye. Aged for three months in small five gallon barrels, this spirit showcases custard, caramel, toffee, cherry, butter, thyme, anise and cinnamon in a charming, subtle way! Definitely not your mainstream bourbon flavor profile; I dig the unique flavors this spirit portrays! Well worth exploring!

Climax Fire 32 Moonshine REVIEW! E-man Booze!

It's our 100th YouTube video and we couldn't be happier to bring you Tim Smith's Climax Fire 32 Moonshine! Hot cinnamon flavor dominates but the classic corn notes of the moonshine are maintained! Watch as we make a spicy cocktail with ginger beer and orange! A tribute to all the fire fighters across the country who risk their lives every day to keep us safe! Great spirit!

Climax AGED (?) Moonshine REVIEW! E-man Booze!

Finally, after 86 days of aging in a small 2L charred oak barrel, I am pleased to introduce what Climax Moonshine tastes like when it is aged the equivalent of just over one (1) year! Vanilla, caramel, toffee, anise and oak transform Tim Smith's remarkable moonshine into a dynamite sippin' whiskey! Happy New Years! Tim, you gotta make this! Pleeeeaassssee???!!!!