Did You Know that 87% of Local Consumers

Find Local Business and Local Services Online ?


Are you tired of the high cost of advertising ?  Of course you are.  Are you tired of having no control of your message once it goes out to the public ?  Of course you are.  Would you like the residents and visitors to the DC Metropolitan Area to know who you are, what you do and how you do it ?  Of course you do.  We are a local online advertising and marketing consulting company.  We spend the time to get to know you and your business.  Only then will we carefully create your message to the people who will want to know and patronage you.  This is a web-based platform that offers Go Interactive© whereby we are able to target local customers for less than any other form of local online advertising!


Reach THOUSANDS of Potential Customers! 

When you are not local advertising on the Internet, you are losing local customers!


For a small monthly fee a local business is included here on MDDCVADeals.com, under the Categories of their choice, and their Location with their branded logo.  Simply put, when someone clicks on a logo they will immediately be taken to your very own customized business profile.


We Send Customers to YOU!


The actual MDDCVA Deal Card is the amazing driving force of our website.  It serves 3 purposes:

     1)  To get THOUSANDS of local consumers to our website.
     2)  To get THOUSANDS of local customers to your website.
     3)  To get THOUSANDS of local customers to YOUR BUSINESS!  


We also partner with local non-profit organizations that sell the cards as a way to raise funds!  People come to our website to find out what local businesses are listed, what deals or offers are available. That is where they will find and want to contact YOU!


When you create and advertise with MDDCVA Deals you get one of the most innovative, interactive tools available!